What is Delight to you?

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Delight EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

What do you think of when you see or hear the word Delight? My dictionary says: “Something or someone that provides great pleasure or enjoyment”, “a source of happiness”.

What does ‘delight’ mean to you?

Even the word itself is light and happy, don’t you think? It is playful and carefree and full of wonder. It is unexpected and spontaneous, child-like and innocent. So what gives you pleasure or enjoyment? Just off the top of your head, list some things that bring delight into your life.

For me, it comes back to the simple things; being with people I love, children, animals, great food, singing and dancing, and the beauty of nature. These may sound like clichés, but I guess they become clichés for a reason.

Care to expand?

A fun exercise to bring delight in your life is simply writing a few words about each of the things that give you pleasure. To show you what I mean, here’s my example:

The People I Love
Spending time with the people I love gives me more happiness than anything else. Sharing a really silly joke with my son or my brother or one of my friends makes me happy to be alive. Just being in the space with my loved ones is such a wonderful feeling.

I remember the delight on my son Nicholas’ face when he was a baby and he was laughing. When he went to preschool and I picked him up in the afternoon he would spot me in the crowd and the look on his face was priceless – it was pure delight, and he would run and jump into my arms. Now that he is older those moments of delight are rarer and different; like running home to me when he has a good school report, or coming home from an Eminem concert, or passing his driving test.

When I think of delight I also think of my cat Emmy, and the sheer delight she experiences every time I walk in the front door. She is so pleased to see me and she shows it. I wish everyone was that pleased to see me. She runs towards the door meowing hello to me – on her face is the look of complete unconditional love.

Food is something that has given me great delight over the years. I love nothing more than to prepare and share a meal with the people I love. That first mouthful of homemade pumpkin soup, a roast sweet potato, a slice of sticky date pudding or that first sip of a cold beer on a hot summer night give me great pleasure. Since I gave up coffee I have discovered the joy of the perfect soy chai latte.

Singing and Dancing
I remember from very early on I loved to sing and dance. I loved being with my friends running around the lounge room to Zorba the Greek, getting faster and faster with the music. As a child of the 70’s I can’t think of the word delight without remembering that song: “Gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight, gonna grab some afternoon delight”. Then there’s the funky dance band from the 90’s Deee-lite. Who can forget the tongue-in-cheek silliness of “Groove Is In The Heart”? I still love to go out dancing and to go to concerts and get such pleasure hearing the songs from my youth.

I also get great pleasure from being in the beauty of nature; a clear winter’s night with a full moon, a beautiful sunset, an autumn leaf, a possum in the tree, or a dolphin swimming in the ocean still fill me with awe and a wonder for the world we live in. These things still literally take my breath away.


Where does delight go?

It seems such a shame to me that as we grow older our moments of pure delight seem to become fewer and fewer. Small children and animals just live in the moment and are open to new and exciting experiences.

Likewise, when we think of someone as a delight they often have that wide-eyed, child-like quality, and we are drawn to them because there is something in us that wants to be like that too.

What happens along the way that makes us lose our spontaneity and love of life? We are told how we ‘should’ be by well-meaning others who don’t know any different. We end up in jobs, and relationships that are unfulfilling, and have disappointing life experiences, and we stop seeing the world from the delighted eyes of a child. We can just end up surviving, existing, and getting through the day, dragging around all this heavy baggage around.


Want some more delight in your life?

Sure, I’ve had some very challenging times in my life – as you probably have, too. After years of talking about my problems to friends, family and therapists, I discovered EFT (or tapping). EFT has helped me to clear a lot of this old stuff out once and for all. It’s great because I can use it myself at home – all I need is my fingertips and my own words. I love to help other people clear their old stuff away and it truly gives me great delight to help them to heal.

I haven’t healed everything myself yet. Yes, I am ‘a work in progress’, but I’m getting there. The layers of the onion are getting peeled back day by day, which means I am more grateful for what I already have while also seeing more opportunities for delight. I wish you more moments of delight, too.


Have any thoughts, stories or ideas about delight?

I would love to hear from you. Or if you would like help peeling back those layers to experience more delight in your life, get in touch. I’d love to help.



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