I have an MA in Psychology and I am qualified as an Advanced EFT Practitioner with AAMET (The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques).

How EFT changed my life

I began using EFT to treat insomnia. The sleepless nights were affecting everything in my life: work, caring for my son, attempting to stay awake for a social life. I have a lot of respect for acupuncture but a deep-seated fear of needles. Then I discovered EFT. Not Electronic Funds Transfer (which is wonderful tool), but  ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. It could also be called ‘Pain Relief Technique’ or ‘Get Kate Back to Sleeping Properly Technique’. It could be called a lot of things.

EFT appealed to me because it combines the best of ancient Chinese energy medicine with western modern psychology. That and because it’s gentle and easy.

What happened next …

Since conquering my insomnia using EFT, I’ve also used it for anxiety, relationship issues and creative blocks (and intend to use it for overcoming my fear of needles!). So enamoured with this process, I became a qualified EFT practitioner. With my clients, I have worked very successfully to release childhood traumas, procrastination, fatigue, eating issues, grief and more.

The great thing with EFT is once you’ve learnt it – and it really is quite easy – you can do it yourself at home (or under your desk at work).
More about EFT and what to expect.
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